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Fixing Perspective Distortion on iOS

Fixing Perspective Distortion on iOS

Posted on Thursday, March 17th, 2016 under Recommends | No comments

Image credit: Chris Connolly of Instagram

Since one of the recent updates to Instagram added their superbly simple image correction tools, namely the perspective distortion adjustments, I have been trying to find a good "out of app" alternative. This is one of those times where the developers have gotten the tool so right that I would use it many more times than just when I am posting to the service.

The best alternative I could find for iOS that ...

App Recommends: TVShow Time

App Recommends: TVShow Time

Posted on Tuesday, September 29th, 2015 under Recommends | No comments

If you are as particular as I am about watching a TV show from exactly the beginning and not missing anything in between, better go grab a copy of the stellar TVShow Time app. Not only does it provide accurate notifications for when new airings occur, it also lists titles, cast and descriptions for new and old episodes. Combine that with the iPad version they just released and the full featured web experience, it is ...


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