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Posted on Wednesday, July 6th, 2016 under Life | No comments

Why make the world a better place?

Because we aren't objects lost in the void. We aren't pointless creatures searching for a creator only to realized we are marked for termination (despite how great a film Prometheus is).

Because there are pains that no one person can heal on their own or alone. Christ has stepped in to stem the blood flow of our wounds and guide us to healing. He puts people in our path that not only can help us but also need our help. The church is as much about forgiveness and a Savior as it is about community and nurturing growth.

Why watch TV? Why schedule daily exercise? Why bother working?

There is a goal and a mission and I don't believe it is to be the best Twitter-er. If the world is broken, and God has a plan he already put into effect to fix it, our mission is to? Tell people? Help it along? Heal the broken?

When life isn't want you wanted and still doesn't look like it will be, what is the reason you continue on? Why teach students to be their best? Why show kids how to treat others with love and respect? Why build your body and community into something worth preserving?

Every day we have to decide what it is we love, cherish and believe. And today I chose to continue on in what I believe. I no longer have surety in the future of our family and kids but I also no longer believe alcohol and movies with curse words lead right to Hell. I understand that there is a scope to God's guidance and mercy, that He leads us forward and though he has a roadmap for each of us, we still have to get up each day and walk it.

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