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The Chrome Extension Cleanup

Posted on Friday, March 18th, 2016 under News | No comments

Chrome Extensions

When I opened up Chrome last week, the latest update seemed to have wreaked havoc on my toolbar extensions, with all of the hidden and disabled items showing up in one long list. Odd indeed, but a perfect opportunity to clean out the cobwebs and pick some new favorites. Here again for your amusement and critique is my yearly Browser Extension Roundup! And yes, you will notice this year that it is only Chrome, as that is 98% of what I use every day.


Essentials for Daily Usage

  • goo.gl URL Shortener - Short urls and QR codes immediately from any link in the address bar
  • 1Password - The go to password keeper, unless you are a mean person. If that is the case, then I don't even know how to computer and am actually Amish
  • Pocket - Where I put articles and videos until I can catch up
  • Google Inbox Checker - Mainly since it is an account I never check but still get a few emails at
  • Messenger + Facebook Notifications - Um. Same. See above
  • AdBlock - I'm new to the ad blocking game but minus YouTube and CBS, this guy works wonders!
  • Turn Off the Lights - An oldie but a goodie. Dim all video playback screens just like Hulu does
  • Photo Zoom for Facebook - Is there any other way to view photos on FB?
  • Save Image to Downloads - Fixing an oddly missing Chrome feature
  • BigConsole - If you spend most of your time in Chrome's console trying out code, then this is a pretty nifty find
  • Benchwarmer - See fresh Dribbbles on every new tab launch
  • Dribble Dimmer - An extension that I revived a few years back (and apparently need to update for the latest Dribbble updates)


  • Stylish - I don't need to customize much of the web, but when you do, User Styles FTW
  • Awesome Screenshot - Short and simple, I need this to take page length screenshots
  • JSON Formatter - Who doesn't want in-browser JSON previews to be pretty?
  • Feedly - I don't look through RSS feeds nearly as often as I did, but this is where I go when I do
  • Google Hangouts - Essential if you use Hangouts to chat things up

So Long (and thanks for all the fish)

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