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American Hustle (2013)

Posted on Friday, February 19th, 2016 under Reviews | No comments

2 out of 10 obvious hairpieces

I had so much excitement for this movie and despite a slow build leading to an intriguing turn, it still felt sufficiently underwhelming. Maybe I was suckered in by the appealing 70's poster style and groovy teaser audio track. Maybe it is as simple as that enticing neckline on Amy Adams or the excellent diversity in ensemble character styles. Whatever the initial reason, it isn't a film I'd go back to at any point.

The soundtrack is fantastic and captured some amazing era nostalgia in the slow moments with Duke Ellington and the hyped ones with Electric Light Orchestra's "Long Black Road". Gregg at RPC had been telling me for a while to digg into ELO and that track is sure evidence of the need.

After recently watching a short documentary on building the final shootout scene in Enemy of the State, I have begun to realize how difficult it is to meld numerous camera angles and endless takes into one cohesive and believable final cut. Where I felt entirely engaged in the drama of another period film like Black Mass, several moments in AH felt more contrived and staged for story than authentic.

If you are looking for a fix for some much-missed 1970's hair pomp and fuss, check this one out. The suits, sequins and disco lights are great! Otherwise, there are probably plenty of other Bale and J-Law films you still need to watch. The same goes for Jeremy Renner and Michael Peña and the uncredited Robert De Niro cameo.

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