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Focus Again

Posted on Friday, December 4th, 2015 under Life | No comments

I feel like this is a post I want to make (re: need to make) every couple of months. Last week there was a point at the end of the month where the prevailing phrases I started each day with were "on track" and "collected". Yet, only a few days away from that and I again feel lost beneath work from all sides and too many possibilities for creativity (sketching, illustrating, writing, playing music) and entertainment (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Now, Crackle and Freegal, to name a few).

Too often I find myself feeling listless, with imagination and purpose being drowned out by deadlines, aspirations and the constant tapping/buzzing/sliding of yet another thing wanting my attention.

So yet again, this is me putting my perverbial foot down and trying to fight back against the flood of unending distractions. For a while now it seems that there has been a sensitivity and maybe even a desperation in my life to do or create something meaningful. Without trying to sound like I am making a big Marshall Eriksen style "sweeping declaration", this is it. Here's to cutting out the unnecessary and getting down to the essential in hopes of coming out of the other side with meaning.

With that said, don't take it personally if you are on the other end of my attempt at commitment and diligence ... Apple wouldn't have built in the Do Not Disturb button if it wasn't useful, right? Just know that I love people and things and hope I can make something good enough to fit among all that you already enjoy :)

And of course, it is only December 4th but really, who isn't searching for a way to jumpstart the magic that comes from New Year's resolutions?

I leave you with a few quotes that have been prominent in my head lately:

"I am my beloveds and she is mine" - Song of Solomon 6:3
"Our lives our not our own." - David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas
"Battle not with monsters lest ye become one." - Friedrich Nietzsche

*Note: I had to rename this post "Focus Again" almost immediately since WordPress was kind enough to remind me that I do indeed post about this occasionally ... as recently as 2009, if you are curious.

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