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Apple Watch Noir

Posted on Wednesday, June 17th, 2015 under Writings | No comments

Apple Watch

It's now been just over two weeks into wearing an Apple Watch every day and I've been thinking that it could be a great villain is anyone is up for writing a tech crime drama. Something dark and suspenseful, but full of all those accurate details that make it feel true to life. That's really why I immediately loved a show like Veronica Mars so quickly; every little technical detail was spot on (like how she actually used the Mail.app to send an email and Image Capture to import her camera photos).

My pitch for an Apple Watch thriller isn't so much turning Siri into HAL9000, e.g "I'm sorry, I can't text someone to rescue you right now, Dave", but more Invasion of the Body Snatchers. It's a device that a small but sizable portion of the population have willingly attached to our bodies for an extended period of time ... what happens if it decided to start sending data back through those sensors? Apple never said they weren't two-way. We have to ask ourselves, if I fall asleep wearing my Apple Watch, does it also dream? And if it does, does it dream of escaping it's Milanese Loop confines?

With how disruptive adding an iPhone to your life already is (corrupting our global attention span and social skills) it's not that far of a leap to wonder how much control over us these little black mirrors* would have if they could sent an electronic pulse back our way. Routed just right, the pretty little gadget that I use to keep track of Instagram mentions and daily calories could easily become a vile mechanized overlord that still has over 60% battery left.

Alright Internet. There's your starting point; it simple, I know. But if you write it, I'm down for designing the book jacket ;)

*By the way, if any of this sounds entertaining to you and you have still yet to watch the great UK series Black Mirrors, drop everything and go now. It is so very much a modern day Twilight Zone. As Todd VanDerWerff at Vox mentions, I recommend not starting with episode one as it is quite a doozie but definitely come back to it.

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