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Posted on Wednesday, January 28th, 2015 under Life | No comments

Rifle Paper Co - Studio Rifle Paper Co - Application

Yesterday I took another one of those pivotal leaps that have been so essential to the trajectory of my life; I applied for another job. Just like when I put in applications at Apple and Full Sail, this is a small step in a different direction. I'm still completely happy at FS; excited for the new concepts I am preparing for students and ready to meet new online/campus education challenges. But I am taking this opportunity to change up the workflow I've had for a bit (bills, work, some freelance, etc.) and find some hectic part-time work that will give me a reason to be on my feet more, organizing and building.

"Life demands motion." It is a mantra I have been crafting and putting into my head more and more ... the idea that we are at our best when we are active, decisive, flexible and productive. In a small way, this idea and my constant desire for manual labor are why I've spent several weeks recently volunteering with Rachel and Ey at Grace. Sure they buy me yummy things for lunch (oh that Hanger Time sandwich from RuSteak!), but mainly, I get away from a computer and allow my body to recuperate with movement, building, organizing and just something different.

I'll hear back later on today whether or not I got this particular job, but either way now that I've finished my degree, we've moved into a new place and we are planning to adopt, I'm looking to start a new weekly endeavor that will give me time to be productive in a new way.

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