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Posted on Monday, March 24th, 2014 under Life | No comments

YourBibleReading graphic

Alright, so it's possible I am only using that title so that I can steal the SEO for the search, as it was a site I used back in ~2007 but the domain has gone down and even the developer, Rosborough Tech has changed their name.

YourBibleReading.com was a great service that let you create a custom year plan for Bible reading, including reading from a different book each day. If you are interested, here's a PDF of one I made way back in the day. Because I liked the service so much, I actually created a banner image that I suggested they use in place of their plain color appearance. YBR was also the first iOS webclip icon I created, though in 2007-2008, the capabilities were a bit limited and I relied on the (now gone) iclypso.com to apply it to the site.

The real point of this post, besides archiving the graphic and the fact that this great tool existed, is to discuss a  bit of my current method for daily Bible reading. Like most everyone else with an iPhone, I am now fully embedded in using the excellent YouVersion Bible app; it's also available in web and Android versions. To really make sure of the built-in notifications of iOS, I have the daily reminders running so that every morning at 10 AM, one of the first things my phone says to me is "Don't forget your Daily Reading Plan".

I had been using the original 365 daily reading plan, but recently switched to using the Come Drink Live 365, as it mixes in some great New Testament goodness each day. And today, I actually just started another plan, more focused on daily devotions, called Life Application Study Bible, in hopes of making stronger connection with my daily reading.

And for good measure, I also was checking out the great Lent Devotional PDF that the Village Church put together; I really like their per-week focus for Lent and will likely use this approach next year.

I'm assuming you're probably using YouVersion as well, but if not, what is your app of choice? Any specific methods or plans that you find helpful to daily study?

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