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American Psycho (2000)

Posted on Tuesday, January 7th, 2014 under Reviews | No comments

American Psycho

1 out of 5 sweater wearing yuppies

This movie distinctly falls into the category of films that I watched out of curiosity, caused by the pop culture status of its name, and was left wished I had skipped it. While it is likely in some way beneficial that I now know who Patrick Bateman is, there wasn't much, if anything gained, in this viewing.

The premise that is it necessary to tell (and show) us that money doesn't buy happiness, friends and control was a weak to cliched idea from the start; adding to it that even doing whatever you please, including murder, also doesn't gain contentment still doesn't establish greatness in this movie. Between Grimm's Fairy Tales and the classic story of King Midas' touch, shouldn't we all be well versed in the dangers of gaining the perceived unattainable?

It is really only Christian Bale's unique portrayal of this precise character with all of his meticulously detailed lifestyle choices that make for a somewhat interesting movie. Much like Bale's performance in The Machinist, it is a difficult thing to turn away from. His way of articulating the character's eccentricities and flaws in minute variations in speech and facial expressions does indeed have a bit of a compelling aspect.

However, if you want to spare yourself enduring the entire 102 minutes that ends without resolution or worthwhile purpose, you can simply peek into Bateman's serial killer nature with the ever so famous "business card" scene, below:

Note: This film viewing was thanks in part to the more and more movies being added the great Crackle web service. Not only are they adding content as often as the bigger paid-for services, but they have been working to improve their iOS application, which had a really rough start. Some of the content is questionable and there isn't a kid-friendly filter like our big red friend Netflix, but they are the only ones that have the Marvel anime series and Seinfeld available for free viewing, so plus!

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