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The Too Large Glass

Posted on Friday, November 29th, 2013 under Life | No comments

I picked up a drinking glass at work today, looking for something more substantial to use for enjoying my 20 fl oz of Cherry Zero Coca-Cola than the typical paper coffee cups. It was oddly shaped; more squatty and fat than tall and thin. Walking away from the break room and down to the Zen Garden patio to work, I realized that this glass is how I think I might approach the new year of 2014.

One of my previous bosses named Rick said something at the start of this past year that genuinely stuck with me. In a video he sent out to inspire his employees and fellow instructors, he mentioned that each year he makes a point of deciding a theme for the year. Not one specific goal, per say; instead, more of a general idea that guides his actions and response throughout the year.

It was such an odd and intriguing notion, I haven't been able to get it out of my head. Being a sucker for task lists and having a penchant for "starting fresh", the idealistic new year always beckons with the promise of accomplishing great things.

"The too large glass" is how I want to approach 2014; in that at every decision, I want to find the solution that isn't conventional, doesn't fit my own predispositions from 30 years of living and yet, still accomplishes the goal at hand. It will be the thing that is harder to accomplish, that will require getting my hands dirty, but will result in that "better story" Donald Miller is always talking about in his book.

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