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Fill up your ears and your Podcasts app

Posted on Wednesday, March 27th, 2013 under Life News | No comments

While I'm not among those that berate Apple against their use of "skeuomorphic" design (e.g. the boys at The Verge or most of Leo Laporte and his crew) and definitely enjoyed the appealing little reel-to-reel animation in Apple's first attempt at a iOS podcast app, seeing the app hit an actual stride in version 1.2 is very welcome.

As a daily user of the app, with at least a couple of different podcast networks spin thing through my phone, it's nice to see some real functionality come to it. The ability to pick up where you left of between iPad and iPhone is nothing short of magical ... unless you take it in context with what everyone else is already doing (Audible, Amazon, etc.). Then it just makes sense.

The Meat

There are plenty of other write ups out there to guide you through all the knit picking of what Apple also .2 changed ... I just want to share with you and catalogue for my future self (yes that's for you, HIMYM) what I'm listening to these days, as well as some favorites from days gone by. Lets' get into it!


These are my gotos that I usually listen to (or will pull up a video stream of) on a daily basis; it's mostly tech-related but there are a few other gems in there as well.

Podcast Artwork - Debug

by Guy English, Rene Ritchie

Podcast Artwork - MacBreak Weekly

by TwiT

Podcast Artwork - This Week in Tech

by TWiT

Podcast Artwork - The Vergecast

By Joshua Topolsky, Nilay Patel, Paul Miller

Podcast Artwork - The Ihnatko Almanac

by 5by5

Podcast Artwork - The Truth

by Jonathan Mitchell

Podcast Artwork - This American Life

by Chicago Public Media

Podcast Artwork - NPR: All Songs Considered Podcast

by NPR

Podcast Artwork - Timothy Keller Podcast

by Timothy Keller


I don't always have time for these, but do enjoy when I get a chance to indulge.


There are usually a few oddities that I try to push into the mix, so don't judge me on any of these ... they're just here for some variety.

Past Favorites

Some of these are long gone, while others you can still access the archives of and make them enjoyable all over again. And others are still kicking, but I've moved on.

That's it! There is a comprehensive list of all the things I have been sticking in my ears, podcast-wise, for the last few days, weeks and even years. I hope you enjoyed, and if you share any of the same or have some unbelievably good recommendations, please feel free to share.

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