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Surprise and Delight

Posted on Tuesday, December 11th, 2012 under Clients Video | No comments

Sketch - Surprise and DelightI just watched Alexis Ohanian (@kn0thing) on Behance's 99U, talking about bringing genuine care and enjoyment to the products you make for others. I've been so busy lately with teaching and school that I been slacking across the board with my own client relationships/creative endeavors and that this is a prefect reminder of their importance. The two things that really stood out: 1. "Surprise and delight" or give the user something wonderful and fun that they aren't expecting and 2. Work like you give a damn (or many of them).

Just to get out my box of markers and brushes again, I put this on some nice big Bristol paper. Nothing fancy, but as this is still a few weeks before January 1st, there is still time to begin working on establishing new habits to make the upcoming resolutions more successful. Check out Alexis' talk below and subscribe to the 99U feed for more goodness from Behance (I've only been on their email newsletter for a week and its been all great).

Screenshot - YouTube Guide

Also, how is everyone feeling about YouTube's new cleaner, simpler "Guide" UI feature? It seems a bit simplistic to me, but with their market moving more and more mainstream (imagine how things will change after this Christmas now that the $249 Chromebook is here), cleaning up the interface makes sense.

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