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Posted on Saturday, September 29th, 2012 under Life News | 1 comment

I love the place where God has me right now; just busy enough with school, work and freelance that I have to fight hard to set aside precious time exclusively for Him.

I love that he is using strongly minded men like Rob Bell, Tim Keller and Mitch McKinney to help me grow; not to indoctrinate me, but to teach me to ask questions AND to seek answers; to fully understand who and why I am and what my response to that understanding needs to be.

I love the frequent moments of clarity I have been feeling lately, when work and friends and pause all align just right and I can make perfect sense of what God is saying; when I can see so clearly and deeply what He meant and means for me to be and do. The moments are fleeting, but I think it is on purpose, as much as a sprinters' victory is only momentary; only most valuable as it is relevant. It means that I (we) have to work that much harder to find and keep and fully understand the nature of God (or at least the parts we can comprehend).

I love that in the microcosm there is so much chaos and seemingly shifting targets and interests, yet on the grander macro scale, the pieces fit. We can't see them all or even keep them all in place as we think about sorting, arranging and controlling them, but they are all there. Pieces like Jesus have even always been there; He isn't a last minute addition piece to help us fix/finish the puzzle, but as been there from the start. He was as much of the creation and nature of things as God; he is the glue/essence/flesh representation of the "ultimate existence" (Bell, Velvet Elvis) and truth. Of course "no one comes to the Father except through [Him]", the same way the no one leaves the house without first breathing. Jesus is the very thing that got us to want to leave, the very thing that moves us to leave and the very thing that sustains and leads us once we've stepped outside the door.

I love these moments because I know down deep that they aren't happening just for my own edification, but for of what lays on the horizon; for what God has planned for me. He is preparing me for that which I can't see, know or even think to expect yet.

And I love it.

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like I love moments like that. God's always ruling above the earth with wisdom, I'm always trekking through mire, but every once in a while there's a break in the cloud cover and I can see how the two fit together!


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