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Comeback Trailers

Posted on Saturday, May 19th, 2012 under Life | No comments

I know it's been a while, but we are back! Hanging around the Manor today, we decided to join in some trailer fun. Check 'em out and chime in if you want.

"Boo for just a teaser trailer! But this looks like fun." - Oscar

"Well at least the music sounds good." - Jodie
"I don't know why I didn't think there wouldn't be black French people." - Rebecca

Behind the Black Rainbow:
"I'm intrigued right now but I think I'd actually be disturbed by this movie." - Oscar

"Isn't that the guy from Nacho Libre?" - Rebecca "Not all Mexicans are the same!" - Rachel "It is him!" - Rebecca

Battlefield America:
"Wait! I get it. It's School of Rock for black kids" - Jodie

"That the guy from Sherlock!" - Jodie

I Wish:
"More like 'Nobody Knows' about his movies!" - Oscar
"I'm sorry. Is this an asian Parent Trap?" - Jodie

"I wanna see this ... huh ... maybe I don't." - Rebecca

Madea's Witness Protection:
"Oh! Can we just skip this one?" - Rebecca
"Yes!" - All

The Do-Deca-Pentathlon:
"Does anyone else feel like we just watched the whole movie?" - Jodie

"I am so excited for this." - Oscar & Rebecca
"I hate this background noise right now." - Michelle

The Dictator:
"Heh. Who doesn't want to see a hipster get slapped in the face." - Oscar

"Can you put on the queue? Oh wait." - Rebecca

Neil Young Journeys:
"I didn't even know he was Canadian." - Oscar

A Cat in Paris:
"It's like they got Bob Stakke to do all their illustrations for them." - Oscar
"I don't get it." - Michelle

The Good Doctor:
"Legolas!" - Rebecca
"I'm confused about who's evil here. And they stabbed the 'good'." - Crystal

Safety Not Guaranteed:
"I want to watch that!" - All
"Put that in our queue and smoke it." - Crystal

People Like Us:
"Their relationship still seems really creepy." - Oscar
"He was okay in Princess Diaries 2 ... err Princess Diaries Part 2b." - Crystal

"Uh." - Oscar

The Philly Kid
"That's Devin Sawa!" - Girls
"What's a Devin Sawa?" - Oscar

El Gringo:
"This looks so very dumb. Just give him a bus schedule and we can skip all the violence." - Oscar

30 Beats:
"Hey. Pushing Daisies." - Oscar
"Pushing something ..." - Michelle

"There is a trash island the size of Texas?!" - Oscar

"Is it just me or does the black haired lady seem like a silly super boss villain?" - Oscar

Zombie Hamlet:
"Ugh. This movie is too meta for its own good." - Oscar

The Campaign:
"Donkey Kong?" - Michelle

Abraham Lincoln - Vampire Hunter
"Gah. There is the better trailer ... you have to see that one before you will know how good this movie is gonna be. Watch this one instead." - Oscar

Gangster Squad:
"Sean Penn looks weird, but in a way that is perfect for this movie. I'm excited. More so because of the gorgeous typeface used for the title screens in the trailer." - Oscar

A Little Bit of Heaven:
"Yikes." - Oscar

"I feel like they have been advertising this movie for forever. I'm ready to see it now." - Michelle
"Why did they change this trailer and stick on the other part?! So odd." - Oscar

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