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Vote my Threadless – Rainbow Ralph

Posted on Sunday, May 6th, 2012 under Design | No comments

Threadless - Rainbow Ralph

Here's another new submission I have made to Threadless; this time it is for their general contest, so no special theme and just fun. I've had a back log of these guys for a while now, so I hope you (and the Threadless community) are liking them.

The puking unicorn came from a Google Hangout session I had a few months ago with some of the gang from work. We were testing out the idea of my screen being used for sketching while the rest of the Hangout had video up. It went pretty well and I got a few gems like this out of it, so I'll definitely be doing it again.

** UPDATE: Sadly, this design falls into the category of yet another rejected idea from Threadless. Which is mainly only unfortunate because I want a pylon unicorn shirt of my own. I just have to get one printed at Mother Falcon here in town ...

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