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Sustainable Design

Posted on Thursday, March 1st, 2012 under Life | No comments

One of the main reasons that I have yet to get another tattoo, despite the definite urge I have for one, is sustainability of design. As an artist myself, it only makes sense to create what I put on my body, but there are so few things that I create that I want to keep around forever or see another day. Most are simply explorations of a thought or proofs of capability and have very little deeper meaning (though the 'One Thing Remains' piece I did a few months ago is among the exceptions and still moves my heart every time I pass by it in the Manor gallery).

I just got a loaner MacBook Pro from IMT at work and as we know from Jim Carey's experiences in "The Mask", the loaner is always a few years behind the trend. The model I got is Apple's square body aluminum 15" MBP, circa 2006.

And yet, despite it's numerous flaws (weak LCD lighting, awkwardly recessed lid release and blazingly hot palm rest), this is still a gorgeous machine. The field of silver aluminum perfectly frames the wide array of pixels, set behind a matte finish. The symmetry of the peripheral port placement and machined battery clasps is perfection. And even though the aluminum body takes its fair share of scratches in a life cycle, the luster created by the combination of rigid edges, rounded corners and soft brush casing still remains.

Perhaps I just need to ask Sir Jonathan Ive to design my next tattoo ...


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