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.@sbernath knows how to keep w…

Posted on Monday, December 13th, 2010 under Status | No comments

.@sbernath knows how to keep warm on a cold FL night. Yay for 4Rivers! — at Four Rivers Smokehouse http://gowal.la/c/37U5V

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Lilo and I spend the day today lounging around and keeping warm … me in my Homer Simpson slippers and her cuddling up really close to any one she could. We also took turns this morning laying on the sunshine-y warm parts of the living room floor, though she kept kicking me out of her ...
Sunday, the 8th
I love early mornings! I love waking up to a dimly-lit, breezy night that is starting to transform into dawn. I did my laundry this morning, at about 4:20 a.m., so that I would have my new blue shirt to wear for church. While waiting around between laundry loads, I fumbled around with WordPress and its ...
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In the rushing wind and gentle breeze,you speak to me, O Lord.At the rustle of the autumn leaves,I know you are with me.In the bathing warm of sunlight,I feel your watch over me.Your presence gives me calmand I am free. ...
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Today was another great day of accomplished tasks ... among which was the New Creation poster (check out the Flickr sidebar!). Karati-gami at d-groups went really well ... even if I did make Jen mad at me for a bit. ;) I am now well on my way to getting those thousand origami cranes so ...
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Thanks to a silly cold I got from someone at work (still not sure who) and taking night-time medicine, I was late arriving to prep with the rest of the Southside worship team and kinda had to rush my pedal setup.I am guessing that is why during the service, both my tuner pedal and BOSS ...

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