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iPhone OS 4.0 Sneak Peak

Posted on Friday, April 9th, 2010 under News | No comments

iPhone OS 4.0

I had intended on posting about all of the features I am excited for in the upcoming iPhone OS 4.0 software update (of which there are many), but Apple did a nice job of spoiling that with ...

  • More reminders of their continued belief that the HTML5 markup language is a direct equivalent to and a capable replacement for Flash, Flex and AIR ... where it definitely is not.
  • A re-written development agreement that not only restricts Flash Platform developers from creating for the iPhone and iPad platforms, but also C# and [possibly] JavaScript developers.
  • Confirmation of their laughable approach to informing the User of non-support for browser plugins (e.g. hiding it from them).

Sure, a lot of these things present an immediate problem just for what Adobe is moving towards with Flash, but they are also restricting the progress of Internet technologies in general (SilverLight and Unity 3D come to mind). I know Apple still considers the iPhone a "breakthrough Internet device" and really, in comparison to the rest of the current phone market, it is. But with so many competitors so hot on on their heels AND providing an open environment for development, their leading position is going to start slipping.

Plus, with the advent of new devices like the iPad which border on desktop-computing replacements, a restricted Internet is not in anyone's best interest. If I am going to "see the web like never before", I'd rather see ALL of it.

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