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IF : Wilderness

Posted on Thursday, January 21st, 2010 under Sketches | 3 comments

IF : Wilderness

This is my entry for last week's Illustration Friday theme of "wilderness". I did draw it on Friday, but have been so busy with other thing meaningless online things (and a bit o' work) I almost forgot to upload it ... eep!

I drew this on the back of some glossy insert that I found in one of my Terminator DVD cases. No pencils necessary ... just straight to some nice black medium Sharpie. I don't know if anyone wants it, but it would make for a nice mantelpiece somewhere.

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  • terminator, sharpie's and this character are awesome.

  • Vanessa

    Well, it does have my name on it... ;)

  • Haha ... good point, Vanessa :)


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