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Trailer Me Once

Posted on Wednesday, November 18th, 2009 under Reviews | No comments

Crazy Heart

Shake Hands With the Devil
There is something really hypnotizing about that guy's big mustache ...

Interesting. I still don't know if it is a good thing that so much attention is brought to famously "bad" people in our history as humanity. It seems half like glorification of an already known evil and half a further exposition of a cruel oddity. Oh well ... at least sixth-graders in History class will have an easier topic for book reports after this.

It's Complicated
I don't now and probably won't ever find Meryl Streep charming, entertaining, engaging, funny, pretty, not-dead, etc. ...

The Slammin' Salmon
Yikes. It's like a poorly attempted mashup between Waiting... and Employee of the Month ... frightening indeed.

The Yellow Handkerchief
Is yellow referring to the color of the handkerchief or what it looks like after you sneeze in it ... just curious.

The Blind Side
This is not at all the movie for me, but I know plenty of family members that will love it. ;)

How To Train Your Dragon
A nice animation-style, an intriguing story, a dragon-rider and vikings? Oh , this is gonna be a great and fun time.

Date Night
Ugh. You want it to be funny, but there are just so many reasons why it won't be.

The Prince of Persia: the Sands of Time
Can anyone see him as anything else but Bubble Boy ?? I know I can't.

Whoa. Everything I have heard about this movie/comic/franchise makes it sound incredibly violent ... but it does appeal the the comic-loving nerd in me. Oh that I weren't swayed by the little things ...

A Single Man
Man, I have no idea what this is about ... but Colin Firth sure looks silly with those glasses on.

B**** Slap
Oh gosh, this looks like total garbage! Book ... cover ... you are both one and the same.

The White Ribbon
Never mind ... this guys' glasses are even crazier!

Across the Hall
Wow ... so if you know a movie is crappy when they use the title in the first 15 minutes, what does that say about a movie that uses it in the first trailer?? Exactly.

A Town Called Panic
Just when I thought that British humor was the weird one ...

Extraordinary Measures
Poor film ... not only were you made by CBS, but you have Brendan Fraser on your movie poster. Never had a chance ...

Crazy Heart
As much I am not a fan of most (read: all) country music, the cast and style of this feel really great. Plus, I love the movie poster. Might have to pick this up on Netflix at some point.

Four Seasons Lodge
More like "Four Arteries Clogged" ... haha. I kid, I kid. This looks cute, but not for me.

Me and Orsen Welles
Hmm ... I should probably know who Orsen Welles is ... right?

This look at least as good Paycheck, which I liked ... so maybe?

Okay. How are these appropriately-labelled "First Run Films" getting on Apple's feed? Bah. Not interested.

Clash of the Titans
Awesome. I have always loved me some good Greek mythos, so I am totally pumped for this movie.

StarCraft II
This trailer isn't for a movie, but I am still very excited about the imminent release of StarCraft II.

Warcraft III
Okay ... so this isn't really a trailer and this game has been out for years ... but I still remember how much I anticipated its release and was totally stoked to play it. That was, of course, before I realized that I can't stand the idea of investing time in a "hero" class.

Chrono Cross
And this one is totally out of left-field, but I remember back in high school when we were unbelievable excited to finally get our hands on this trailer (technically this video link is to the intro cinematic, but it is close) and were passing it around from hard-drive to hard-drive like crazy.

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