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Trailer Me Pink

Posted on Wednesday, October 28th, 2009 under Reviews | No comments

The New A-Team

Here's another slew of quick movie trailer reviews and as a little bonus in case you missed it, a snapshot of the new A-Team movie that is currently in the works. Despite the fact that it has none of the original actors, I am still very excited about this reboot.

The Wolfman
This new trailer just makes me even more excited to see this. The addition of Hugo Weaving is only going to make it better.

The Lovely Bones
Was anyone else completely distracted by how different Peter Jackson looks now?? And how scary is Stanley Tucci as a creepy possible murderer? This may end up being a pretty good film.

The Fourth Kind
Wow ... this looks like a great chaser to follow up all of those X-Files episodes Courtney and I have been watching.

This kinda looks like fun, but I'm really not buying Thomas Middleditch as a nerdy, insecure dweeb. But it is interesting to see Lea Thompson doing stuff I might want to watch again ... it's been a while since Back to the Future.

William Kunstler - Disturbing the Universe
It probably is a bad thing that I do not know who this person is ...

Labor Day
Hopefully this movie comes with a BBQ smelling of burgers and hotdogs ... otherwise, I have no reason to see it.

Everybody's Fine
I have no desire to see this, but it did remind me that I still need to see Sam Rockwell's Moon

Until the Light Takes Us
Ugh. No.

Evil Weed
Um ... you have got to be kidding me. Unicorn weed??

The Wedding Song
Interesting, but I am going to skip it ... I'm not really into wedding music.

Humble Pie
It's nice to see a film take a chance with one of the other Baldwin brothers and a bunch of no-name/second-string actors ... though, it isn't enough to win me over.

The saddest thing about this trailer is the poor use of what looks like the rigid "Century Gothic" typeface to set the titles in ... feels all wrong.

The Other Side of Paradise
This might could maybe be something interesting to watch, if it wasn't for the fact that it is trying to be unique or indie and instead, every second looking like it is trying too hard at either.

I love the type and style in this trailer and am so excited for this movie. I have had a small love affair with South Africa/Nigeria and a yearning in my heart to be a part of that place ever since I first read Chinua Achebe's Thinks Fall Apart.

American Casino
Though I am sure it would be informative, this looks entirely too boring a movie for me.

Serious Moonlight
I have too much respect for Meg Ryan's previous work to even think about seeing this ...

With such a bleak outlook on life, culture, and society, this would be far too depressing a movie to watch. At least for me. Do I prefer ignorance to information? No. I just despise people that wallow in the negative and propagate its prevalence/importance.

The Flying Scissors
Dumbest. Movie. Ever. Probably.

Valentine’s Day
All of these people are out of work and have bills to pay, so why don't we shove them all into a cheap cookie-cutter ro. co. and put it out on a day when 87.2% of American women will force their significant other to watch it with them in an overprice theater?!?

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