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Tumbling Trailers

Posted on Tuesday, October 20th, 2009 under Reviews | No comments

It Might Get Loud - Trailer

Yet another thick set of movie trailer reviews by Oscar ...

It Might Get Loud
This looks fantastic. It is coming to the Enzian on Sunday ... anyone want to join me in seeing it?

The Book of Eli
Interesting ... I wasn't so sure about Mila Kunis and the whole post-apocalypictic story, but this new trailer makes it all look pretty good. And I've definitely liked Denzel in a few things (thanks to Nathan's constant prodding), so this may not be too bad at all.

The Missing Person
Hmm ... I do like me some film noir. This might have to be a Netflix rental for me.

I still think this Charles Bronson is scarier.

Definitely too scary for me ... among other things.

The Men Who Star At Goats
Still can't decide about this one ... it might be fun, or it might just end up being totally lame.

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans
Wow ... Nick Cage just does not give up, huh? No matter how bad it gets.

That Evening Sun
I love the feel of the film on this trailer and the overall color, but it isn't for me.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
I have no idea of what this movie is about ... and what is the deal with the extra-super-crazy long domain name??

Ten9Eight: Shoot For the Moon
I feel like this whole movie should be featured on a Wheaties box.

Although this makes me want to watch Chiwetel Ejiofor in Serenity again, I did like Vantage Point, so I might give this a try.

There sure is a lot of goofy-looking hair in this trailer ... and what is the deal with the dorky colors on that out-of-place typography? Yellow and orange?

Stan Helsing
Oh man ... come October 30th, there are going to be a lot of overly-inebriated people suffering through this pile of garbage.

Blah! I successfully guessed 5 out of 5 jokes/plotlines that are apparently prerequisite for tripe like this.

I would be totally syked about this movie ... if it weren't for the man playing Mrs. Earhart. And, of course, I absolutely love the logotype and movie poster for this. So beautifully free and elegant.

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