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On the Trail

Posted on Tuesday, October 13th, 2009 under Reviews | No comments

Just a few more quick trailer reviews and then you will be on your way ...

Astro Boy
I never really read the comics, but have always admired the look of this franchise from afar. I'm really excited about this movie!

I think we already watched this trailer with Co and Jimison, but I guess it showed up again in the Apple feed because the trailer has been updated with endorsements ... still plan to skip this one.

Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day
I never saw the first BDS, so I have not attachment to the franchise, but it does look like a whole lot of guns and shooting. Interesting ...

Saw VI
Not even going to bother watching this trailer ... I didn't see any of the previous and I think I can go on missing out on all of the gratuitous torture-just-for-the-sake-of-torture.

As Seen Through These Eyes
This looks really intriguing ... Maya Angelou just reading her "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" is already riveting, but with the additional cultural and emotional connections this project will bring, it is sure to be astounding statement about the subject-matter.

The Boys Are Back
A different role for Clive Owen, but still not anything I will see ... even if they have one of my favorite Angels and Airwaves songs playing in the trailer

Black Dynamite
It looks super silly, but certainly does feel reminiscence of the great stuff that Jim Kelly put out back in the jive-turkey day ;) ... and it doesn't hurt that it has Eureka's Salli Richardson-Whitfield.

A Beautiful Life
Eck! It's like a feature-length soap opera, with all of the lameness and none of the commercials.

Oh My God
If the question along wasn't compelling enough, you can always look forward to those bits of narration from Hugh Jackman and a few other stars. ;)

The Tooth Fairy
Oh gosh ... I don't ever want to meet/hang out with/know the guy that thought this would be a funny endeavor. Oh and look ... its got the token Julie Andrews appearance to seal the deal. Gah.

Somewhere near you there's going to be a girlpants-wearing indie hipster falling in love come October 2nd. Barf.

Good Hair
Sure it is interesting, but this is all stuff I learned growing up in the 9-5-4. Well ... most of it anyways.

Law Abiding Citizen
This one looks like it has some potential ...

Toy Story 3
Oh this looks like plenty of fun! I am still a bit worried about how the movie will do as a whole, but at least this trailer alleviates most of my fears of it being just another piece of Disney sequel-drivel.

Bright Star
I'm not all for these period pieces, but I am sure Jodie will enjoy this one. I do, however, love this poster. Yves Peters over at The Font Feed has a nice little write up about it.

Adventures of Power
Eh. If I had never heard of something called Napoleon Dynamite or knew that a few years ago someone else tried to make an air guitar movie ... I would still think this was a dumb idea.

An Education
Is anyone else wondering why he looks so much older than her and yet nobody seems to be bothered by this??

The Messenger
Whoa. That good be pretty good.

Cliché action, violence and acting ... skippable for sure ... unless you happen to have some extra popcorn on hand.

Red Cliff
I've been missing some good epic martial arts entertainment, so I definitely am in for this. Plus ... how can you say no to John Woo?

Shutter Island
This looks a bit too scary for me ... plus, the premise and setup seem kinda weak.

The Crazies
Okay ... never mind ... THIS is too scary for me!

Irene In Time
Hmmmm ... I kinda didn't hear anything this trailer said ... I was too distracted by her nose and goofy faces.

Pirate Radio
Oh what haven't Americans ruined!?? ;) But seriously, this looks kinda fun.

The Box
This plot seems very familiar ... it could be because I have read a book with this premise or maybe it is because it is very similar to the Pushing Daisies concept.

Broken Embraces
Blah ... sappy and a half. I can skip this one, but does anyone else think that the guy looks like Patrick Swayze?

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