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Exchanging a slow Safari for Firefox 3.5

Posted on Monday, October 12th, 2009 under Reviews | No comments

Firefox Plugins

Despite how much I love the new Safari 4 features, I have been experiencing some really poor performance as of late ... specifically, a 3-5 second stall at every new window launch, new tab or trying to scroll through a part of a page I had not been using previously. Though it may be due entirely to the upgrade to Snow Leopard, I don't have anything concrete to back up that theory and am forced to wait for an dot update from Apple.

In the interim, I have switched over to Firefox. Not my favorite by a long shot, but still a decent browser ... especially with the help of its mighty plug-in system. Besides the Chromifox theme, which is just for fun, there are plenty of extensions that make browsing pretty bearable in the Mozilla world.

Here are some of my favorites, though a few still need to be updated to work with 3.5 ...

  • 1Password - Everyone's favorite pword manager
  • Charles - A nifty, but not free, bandwidth throttling system
  • CodeBurner - I haven't found a good workflow for this yet (I prefer my Coda Reference Books), but you might
  • Cooliris - A great tool for finding photo references or just getting lost in some Flickr artwork
  • Delicious - Direct deli.ico.us bookmark integration ... the only way to fly
  • Download Statusbar - Keeping that pesky download window out of your hair
  • Fangs - Seeing from the screen-reader's standpoint
  • Fast Dial - A poor replacement for Safari's Top Sites, but it will have to do for now
  • Firebug - An essential plugin for the HTML, CSS and Javascript developer
  • Firefox PDF Plugin - In-browser PDF viewing
  • Pronounce - A sweet lil' addition for all you English language and vocabulary lovers out there
  • RetailMeNot - Great coupon site ... and a great auto-sensing plugin
  • Searchbar Autosizer - Kinda silly that you need it, but so helpful once you have it
  • Web Developer Toolbar - I still like Safari's Develop menu for some things, but this is the de facto standard for web development tools.

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