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Posted on Saturday, October 3rd, 2009 under Design Life | No comments


The last few days have been full of a lot o' work ... creating code and pre-pro examples for students, updating curriculum in the classroom, then keeping busy through the wee hours of the night and morning creating for some Illustrative clients.

Thanks to Norm reminding me about how easy it is to setup local databases with MAMP or XAMPP, I have been having an easier time working with WordPress:http://wordpress.org lately. I will eventually need to figure out how to create local MySQL DBs with Snow Leopard's built-in capabilities, but for now, this was plenty simple.

And thanks in part to all of the talk and hub-bub going around lately about the benefits of Fireworks and my missing its subtleties, tonight I came back around to putting some designs through it. While it still lacks a seamless integration into the CS4 UI, it really is a much stronger screen n' pixel editing environment than Photoshop at times.

Most of the Illustrative projects are still in progress, but I'll be sure to post some up on Flickr or the Portfolio when I get the chance.

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