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Flex Builder is evil about Undos

Posted on Tuesday, September 29th, 2009 under Code | No comments

Flex Builder - Undo

While creating an example AS3 file for our Deployment of Flash Projects class just now in Flex Builder, I almost found myself in an absurd "the-files-are-missing" predicament that we hear about every now and then from our students. Turns out some of it may not be so absurd ...

While Flex Builder allows for multiple Undos in several areas of its interface, it also has a subtle way of not indicating where those Undos are taking place. Example? At the start of my project, I created a new folder to store some assets (FLA, SWC, etc.). While progressing through the project, writing code and undo-ing in a few class files, I happen to accidentally click into the "Flex Navigator" pane. The next time I hit undo, FB undoes the creating of my "assets" folder. I don't notice and continue working and the next time I compile or head to the Flash IDE to update the graphics, I get reference errors because of the missing files. Dandy, ain't it?

This could possibly be a workflow/UX issue that stems from the underlying Eclipse environment, but maybe Adobe will read this and realize they need to work harder to improve their "go to" Flash/Flex development environment.

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