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Before You install Snow Leopard

Posted on Saturday, August 29th, 2009 under Reviews | No comments

Upgrading to Snow Leopard

I saw that Apple had put out this handy list of software that is incompatible with Leopard, and I thought it might be helpful to start collecting a list of smaller third-party apps that may cause issues. Here are mine so far ... feel free to comment with any others you are finding.

Applications Incompatible with Snow Leopard

  • Adobe Creative Suite - @summero said that CS3 hasn't given her any problems yet, but I can't confirm that and Adobe does recommend upgrading to CS4. Ars Technica has a good article covering the possible issues.
  • 1Password - The Agile guys are pretty prepared for the Snow Leopard release, but still haven't put out the official 3.0 update. Backup your keychains before installing 10.6 and as soon as you launch 1Password the first time after upgrading, it will prompt you with instructions on how to download a beta copy of the 3.0 version, which is required for Snow Leopard.
  • CoverSutra - Sophie's got a beta for you too. You can use the windowed CoverSutra controls without this version, but it felt a bit iffy and if you are like me, you really want the menulet and universal keyboard shortcuts instead.
  • Unsanity - It appears that the Unsanity guys have put out or are working on betas for their Haxies, but I tend to wait for full release candidates from them before installing ... since they have been known for having a propensity toward Apple-hating.
  • System Preferences - I have found that quite a few Preference Panes (i.e. Growl, Divx, Wacom) work just fine, but haven't been updated for 64-bit, so Snow Leopard is gonna toss up a warning sheet asking you to restart the Pane.
  • Candybar - The Panic guys are on the ball, so there aren't any problems with using Candybar in conjunction with 10.6, but I do always like to remind people to do a Export of their customizations and then Restore all of originals.
  • Awaken - For some reason Awaken couldn't find one of its Shared tools, but a quick re-install fixed it up.
  • Validator - I haven't tried to fix the issues with it yet, but one of my favorite validation tools I use at work seems to be missing some of its required Perl libraries. I'll have to check into it next week.
  • OmniOutliner - Nice and easy, the OG guys have plenty o' updates to keep you happy.

That is all I have found so far ... have fun!

** Update: Looks like I'm not the only one interested in keeping tabs on supported apps. Check out the immense and thorough list that WikiDot has up.

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