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Yeti for the iPhone

Posted on Friday, July 10th, 2009 under Downloads News | No comments

Yeti for the iPhone

Pretty much anytime Mel and I start talking about anything Yeti, I have to draw it. It's like I have this Himalayan fever and the only cure is letting it out with pencil, pen or Wacom stylus.

For this piece I did my typical pencil drawing, covered over with felt-tip marker and then digitized with the normal "Brush" tool in Illustrator ... but once I got to that point, I wasn't entirely happy with it. So I decided to give the solid colors and limited lines look a try (a difficult or at least different style for me) ... it was only going alright until I dropped in CS4's new "Blob Brush" then things really took off. The simple filing and inside selecting goodness it brings has me happy enough to switch my shortcut for the "b" key to Blob for the time being. Hopefully that will mean more goodness like this for you guys in the coming days.

Two side notes. One, you should probably know about the I Love the Yeti blog and two, Norm and I were completely enthralled by the awesome augmented reality fun that is the Living Sasquatch project.

I also went through a few minor revisions of this piece in making it nice for the iPhone, including moving a few elements out of the way of the lock and date overlays. That was made much easier with the iPhone Photoshop template that Adam Jones put out. I realized there wasn't an Adobe Illustrator version of an iPhone template, so I whipped up a quick one, which you can download below:

iPhone Desktop/Wallpaper Template for Illustrator CS4 (.ai)

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