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just posted some yummy Yeti iP…

Posted on Friday, July 10th, 2009 under Status | No comments

just posted some yummy Yeti iPhone fun for you all :) http://www.drastudio.com/

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Yeti for the iPhone
Pretty much anytime Mel and I start talking about anything Yeti, I have to draw it. It's like I have this Himalayan fever and the only cure is letting it out with pencil, pen or Wacom stylus. For this piece I did my typical pencil drawing, covered over with felt-tip marker and then digitized with the ...
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You may have missed the announcement a few weeks ago, but one of my favorite games, Plants vs. Zombies, from one of my favorite Mac game developers, Pop Cap, has just spouted up on the iPhone. Now you can continue to quell some beautifully illustrated zombie madness on the go! I know Jodie didn't install this ...
IF : Frozen (Felix)
Since I didn't have a Wacom tablet around, my daily person drawing (and coincidentally my Illustration Friday entry) was done in the great Brushes iPhone app. ...
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Yah. Yah. YAH! Engadget just informed me that Panasonic has posted dates and specs for their new 6 megapixel beauty, the Lumix DMC-FZ7. 6 Megapixels, Mega OIS (optical image stabilization), 12x optical zoom, and 2.5-inches of yummy display goodness. I am so ready ... and now I have until March to come up with $399 bucks. ...
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This afternoon I got a chance to watch Day 2 of Google's IO Developer Event (the Android Keynote, in particular) and I have to say that I was thoroughly impressed. Not only was it great to see such a strong commitment from Google toward an open platform that is working to strongly support Flash, but ...

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