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Backing up Tweets

Posted on Friday, July 3rd, 2009 under Life News | No comments

The longer Twitter continues without a solid business model, the less trusting I become in the stability of their social system and in the safe-keeping of all those tweets I have spent so much time in writing. In fact, I think a problem that is going to surface very soon (once more people become aware of it) is that Twitter only keeps your last 3,200 tweets ... a seemingly big number, but one that I have already surpassed. Luckily, I knew of this "limitation" or "feature" (however they plan to spin it) before I hit the magic number and was able to implement a backup system before losing any tweets.

In the process of finding a solid and successful way of keeping tabs on all my old Twitter postings, I had to sort through a lot of semi-useful and several broken solutions, including Tweetake, TweetDumpr and a few others ... before I finally found the wonderful TweetBackup. It not only keeps a backup of all your tweets, but it also allows you to export them into several portable formats. I saved mine out as an XML file, then imported them nice and easy like into this WordPress install. Since I didn't want to continually go through that process, I also installed Alex Kings's handy Twitter Tools WordPress plugin that directly links your WP blog to Twitter. Very handy indeed.

Now all of my chirping bird tweets are backed up (in multiple locations) and in the event (and likelihood) that Twitter dies the painful "out-of-Venture-Capalist-money" death, all of those status postings can be searched through and viewed here.

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