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is rocking some Mike Dunn & th…

Posted on Monday, June 29th, 2009 under Status | No comments

is rocking some Mike Dunn & the Kings, while setting up his new "studio" ...smaller space, but still planning on pushing some pretty pixels!

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IF – The Blues
IF – The Blues (uploaded by DRA Studio)My entry for this week’s Illustration Friday theme, “the blues”. Pencil and Sakura Pigma ink on medium tooth paper. Photoshop CS3 for the final color touches. I tried to model the guitar after a BB King classic.While working on this piece, I was listening to the Bottles and Bottles ...
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Day 2007-12-12 (uploaded by DRA Studio)Day #6. Hopefully you will love this set as much as I do. Lots of fun work with negative space, composition, weight and just play silly goodness.How wonderful, right? ...

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