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March 15th 2009

Posted on Tuesday, March 17th, 2009 under Life Sketches | No comments

The worship service was fantastic this Sunday at Southside … uplifting and so beneficial in strengthening my resolve. Of the many points in Ron’s sermon, two stood out to me:

1. The reason we find our prayer lives inadequate, is because we live cluttered lives and cannot hear God.

2. To understand your circumstances, good or bad, God’s perspective is vital.

After church Jodie, Courtney, Miriam and I enjoyed a super cheap and super delicious lunch of pizza slices and churros at Sam’s club. We followed that up with a trip to Goodwill, where I managed to pick up Hawk Nelson’s newest album for $2.99 and a new spiffy jacket (hence the ‘frontin’ pose art). Thanks for the birthday cash, Margie! Woo!

I wandered around the place with a weirdly flat Napoleon Dynamite rubber face on for a while before we headed over to Target to buy Jodie some new maternity pants … yes, she is looking more preggers each day ;)

We ended the night with wonderful fun at Steph and Colby’s with the second of hopefully many “Sunday Family Fun Nights” … Colby cooked up some delic burgers, we watched the shuttle launch and I accidentally said a bad word during “Balderdash” because someone didn’t know how to properly abbreviate the word “association”. Fun, right?

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