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Mostly boring Movie Trailers

Posted on Monday, March 9th, 2009 under Reviews | No comments

It has been a while, but we finally got a few people together for another night of movie trailer watching. Sadly (or maybe not … depending on how you look at it), most were pretty lame film concepts that either fell into the category of extra boring documentaries or overly hyped re-hashings of childhood favorites. Still, Courtney, Jodie, Jimison 1, Jimison 2 (Johnny’s brother joined us) and I had a pretty fun time, so let’s get into it!

Limits of Control
Note: Um this was the first trailer of the night and we skipped right over it, thanks to a plethora of warnings from the rating card.

Funny People
"So this is apprently Adam Sandler realizing his career may end soon and he had better find some meaning in his life ... even if he has to write a movie about finding meaning to do so. Lame." - Oscar

Public Enemies
"Why don't we ever see any good movies on these nights?" - Courtney

The Education of Charlie Banks
"The lead singer of Limp Bizkit?!? Hahaha!" - Courtney
"At least 12 or 15 reasons not to see that" - Jimison

The Objective
"Blair Witch Project 2 - They still can't find a tripod" - Oscar

Sex Positive
Note: Uh yeah, we skipped this one too ... clearly.

Bart Got a Room
Note: Yup. Skipped.

Lorna's Silence
"She married for money, but stayed for the love ... and the pancakes ... and the bowl haircuts." - Oscar
"She's the foreign Hillary Swank" - Jimison

Goodbye Solo
"He talks so fast ... he's his own Gilmore Girls show!" - Oscar
"Yes ... goodbye, Solo." - Courtney

Harvard Beats Yale 29-29
"It's like I turned on ESPN Classic ..." - Courtney

Babysitter Wanted
"Alright guys ... what do you want me to write for this one?" - Oscar
"Just say that it looks stupid" - Courtney

Love the Beast
"This is a movie by Eric Bana, with Eric Bana and for Eric Bana ... only. Not interested." - Oscar

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
"Fast-forward to 2:24 into the trailer and replay 12 times ... hehe!" - Oscar

Dragonball Evolution
"Well, I'm gonna watch it ... but I don't think it is going to be good." - Jodie

Observe and Report
"Oooo ... Seth Rogen, Danny McBride ... I'm in." - Oscar

Enlighten Up
"Is that what this movie is called? Really?? Haha!" - Jimision

Explicit Ills
"..." - All

"John Goodman?!? I thought he was dead!?" - All

The Taking of Pelham 123
"I'm surprised that Nicolas Cage isn't starring in this movie." - Courtney

Must Read After My Death
"I've got nothing ..." - Oscar
"... neither does this movie." - Jimison

Sherman's Way
"Moral of the story ... if you want the nerd to fall in love, introduce him to the town slut." - Oscar

American Violet
"We are the Titans ... the mighty mighty Titans!" - Courtney

Big Man Japan
"It reminded me of Power Rangers ... except not as good." - Courtney & Jimison

Alien Trespass
"It's like an omage to '50s B movies." - Jimison 2
"Is omage the right word?" - Oscar
"How about 'travesty'?" - Jimison 2

The Velveteen Rabbit
" ... and animated by the guy living in my cousin's basement." - Jimison

Cherry Blossoms
"Shouldn't this technically be called 'Cherry Withers'?" - Oscar
"Ooo ... too soon ..." - Courtney

Paris 36
"The French are just silly ... a country in turmoil over the closing of a theater? Really?!?" - Oscar

Mutant Chronicles
"I would normally be interested in a movie like this ... but not with John Malkovich." Oscar
"As long as they don't combine this with another familiar franchise to make 'Mutant Chronicles of Narnia'." - Jimison 2

Inglourious Basterds
"I'm sorry ... am I supposed to be laughing right now? Cuz' I am! Hahaha ... " - Oscar

"Can't wait!" - Oscar and Courtney

X-Men Origins Wolverine 2
"Yummy indeed." - Oscar

Star Trek
"Seriously ... this gives me chills. I am so excited." - Oscar

Terminator Salvation
"AAAAWWWWWhhhhh .... yeah!" - Oscar

500 Days of Summer
"Zooey looks amazing and I still am in awe of Joseph Gordon Levitt from 'Brick', so I am in!" - Oscar

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