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Posted on Monday, March 9th, 2009 under News | No comments

You might have notice that the Dra Studio, Two in Review, Paper the City, Illustrative HQ, and other Oscar-related projects were down for more than a few hours a couple of weekends ago. It wasn’t from anything I did … trust me.

It turns out that (mt) was experiencing some issues in the resolution of and transfer from their older 1st Generation Grid Service servers and us being loyal MediaTemple customers for a while now, were affected. The downtime was kinda annoying (it happened right in the middle of one of my long tech posts), but it is great to see (mt) work to be transparent with their customers about issues like this. If you don’t already have a dedicated hosting service and are looking for one with great customer service, check these guys out.

Also, if you’ve been curious about any lack of posting happening here … rest assured that it is not due to downtime on my part. Curriculum and freelance work has been keeping me busy to the point where, frankly, I don’t know the meaning of a “good night’s rest” anymore. But as long as you keep reading what I put down and peeling back your eyelids to see the sketches, I’ll keep putting ‘em up. Who needs sleep, right?

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