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Day #25 – BOSS

Posted on Sunday, January 25th, 2009 under Sketches | No comments

Thanks to a silly cold I got from someone at work (still not sure who) and taking night-time medicine, I was late arriving to prep with the rest of the Southside worship team and kinda had to rush my pedal setup.

I am guessing that is why during the service, both my tuner pedal and BOSS Blues driver kept dying on me … it eventually worked out, but was still kinda non-confidence instilling.

I did however manage to fix a last-minute issue Jeremy was having with transporting a PowerPoint file from an elder. It was a ”.pptx” file that PowerPoint didn’t recognize and was being sent to the system extraction tool (ala a .zip file). It took me a second to remember, but of course this is because ”.pptx” is the new file extension for Microsoft Office 2008’s Open XML file formats.

Ideally, one could simply save to the older ”.ppt” file format before-hand from the new version the PowerPoint application, but if you find yourself stuck without that option, just grab this free Open XML File Format Converter tool from Microsoft’s website. Easy, peasy.

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