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Pray the Movie Trailers back to

Posted on Wednesday, October 15th, 2008 under Reviews | No comments

Courtney and I were able to sneak in a couple more trailers tonight … hope you enjoy (err … or as close to enjoying as you can … some of these are really just cinema poots):

Oscar – Total animated crap.

Pray the Devil back to Hell
Courtney – I can’t make fun of this …

Oscar – Based on a true story? Really?

Talento de Barrio
Courtney – Aren’t there any words?
Jodie – No, because it is a hip-hop-umentary … or a cumbia-mentary. What is that type of music called again?
Oscar – Crap.

Courtney – Thanks goodness that it isn’t coming to a town near me.

The Matador
Oscar – They should have just called it “The tight pants bullfighter”.

Sunshine Cleaning
Oscar – Looks so fun!
Courtney – And I liked “Little Miss Sunshine”.
Oscar – This is the same thing.
Courtney – Just with out the little … miss … sunshine … pageant.

Christmas On Mars
Courtney – A “made for Mystery Science Theater” movie!

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