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Notorious Trailers

Posted on Wednesday, October 8th, 2008 under Reviews | No comments

Jodie, Courtney and I got a chance tonight to catch up on some much needed movie-trailer watching. Apple has made some great improvements to the Quicktime Trailer site and that plus Unsanity’s WSX made for a simply wonderful time. There are alot that we watched, so you better get yourself a snack first. ;)

The World Unseen
Jodie – Oh! I couldn’t tell if they were Latin, Indian or lesbians.

Oscar – I mean, I like Tom Cruise.
Courtney – He kinda creeps me about a little bit.

Oscar – That does actually look … except for John Malkovich, that is. Can’t stand his work.

The Pleasure of Being Robbed
Courtney – I wish I could read what those people wrote … then I could know what they thought about the movie.

Just Buried
All – What a funny concept for a movie! But also, gross.

Oscar – This movie looks like it was shot by people that make car commercials!
Courtney – And did they spell shiver wrong?

Jodie - Nerd Documentary!

Role Models
Oscar - Ah! It's McLovin! I am so going to see this.

Jodie - Racist.
Courtney - Number 1 racist comedy of the summer.

Hank & Mike
Courtney - So, there not just guys in costumes ...?

Courtney - Robert Goulet would love this movie.

Choose Connor
Courtney - You know it is serious when they bring out the bean-bag killings.
Oscar/Courtney - If you are looking for a good nap ... Choose Connor.

Proud American
Oscar - Here's the math, Fred. Combining four crappy movies still equals 1 crappy movie.
Jodie - Earth. Wind. Water. By your powers combined ...

August Evening
Jodie - I smell a documentary.
Oscar - Doesn't smell good.
Courtney - Smells kinda stinky.
Jodie - Racist.

Courtney - Longest awkward silence ever.

I’ve Loved You For So Long
Jim Halpert - I love you long tim. Who is long tim?

Synecdoche, New York
Oscar - The director is not visionary ... he's just insane.

Filth and Wisdom
Courtney - That looks so stupid. Who would go see it? Except for the hippies.
Oscar - I love the typography in this trailer, but yes, I agree.

Fears of the Dark
Oscar - That's awesome!
Jodie/Courtney - It just looks weird and creepy.
Oscar - You look weird and creepy.

Pride and Glory
Oscar - Looks great. I will definitely go see this one.

Oscar - If it wasn't for Brendan Fraser, I would probably go see this movie.

Four Christmases
Oscar - Oh, I am going to vomit now.

Oscar - How could Liv Tyler stoop to such a level ...
Courtney - This is scarier than "The Strangers".

Soul Men
Oscar - Ugh.

Call + Response
Oscar - Aww, this is like the "Boy in the Well" Simpsons episode, where all the celebrities come together and make an album ... but for reals?

Courtney - It is always so nice when you can bond with those that kidnapped you.
Oscar - They could have, nay SHOULD have, called this movie "Porcupine".

The Amazing Truth About Queen Raquela
Courtney - Coming to a Jerry Springer episode near you.

Waltz With Bashir
Oscar - Well, now I know what is worse than a foreign documentary ... an animated foreign documentary.

Breakfast With Scot
Courtney - I didn't realize they could put so many gaye people in one movie.

Courtney - It looks cute.
Jodie - I wanna see it.

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People
Oscar - Ooo ... fun!

Punisher-War Zone
Oscar - Grr. That looks kinda iffy. Just not sure.

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