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Template for customizing the new Twitter

Posted on Thursday, September 25th, 2008 under Design Downloads | No comments

Customize Twitter Backgrounds
With the recent release of the new and updated Twitter, the majority of tweak-able profile design settings were lost and the twitterpated among us have been relegated to only changing the following:

  • Background image
  • Background color
  • Link color
  • Text color
  • Sidebar color
  • Sidebar line color

That isn’t much to work with, so I decided that with the recent re-styling of my Twitter page, I would share the Photoshop template I used and (hopefully) simplify some of the tedious process of creating the desired background graphic, as well as choosing complimentary colors.

You’ll need Adobe’s Photoshop CS3, but that is all. With this template, you can easily try out background images and test out color combinations, without having to continually reload and re-save your Twitter profile. Enjoy.

Twitter Background PSD Template

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