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Mother Trailers

Posted on Wednesday, August 27th, 2008 under Reviews | No comments

Nathan, Jimison, Courtney and I sat down for a much needed movie trailer session and even though we only had time to enjoy about 20 or so, I think it was still a good thing we had going. Enjoys ‘em up!

Goal 2
Oscar – “Was there ever a Goal 1?”

Forever Strong
Oscar – “Yawn. Forever lame.”
All – “Rudy. Rudy. Rudy.”

Oscar – “As long has his recessed hairline isn’t staring in it.”
Nathan – “Maybe he will wear some hats or something.”
Courtney – “Or a beanie?”

The Brothers Bloom
Oscar – “If it had come out before Ocean’s anything, I would have actually cared.”

A Secret
Oscar - "Wait, what? 'A Secret follows the saga of a Jewish family in post-World War II Paris' ... really? Was that even in this trailer?

The Boy In the Striped Pajamas
[We can't make any jokes here, since it is about the Holocaust. This does look interesting though.]

Stealing America Vote by Vote
Oscar - "If this movie had come out during the year 2000 with Y2K, there would be no stopping those voting machines."
Jimison - "And their striped pajamas."

Oscar - "Hmm, I'm thirsty."
Courtney - "Reminds me of Jim Gaffigan."

Year of the Fish
Nathan - "It's like Cinderella!"
Jimison - "This would be good if it wasn't filmed entirely with web cameras!"
Oscar - "Someone needs to tell the director that the 'Paint Daub' effect in Photoshop does not make movies better."

The Linguists
Nathan - "Fascinating! Oh wait ... is fascinating the right word??"
Jimison - "Oh man. Our water is running out and our words are going extinct!"

Walking On Dead Fish
Nathan - "Who is naming these movies?!!"

Fly Me To the Moon
Jimison - "This belongs on the shelf in a Walgreens, not in the theaters."
Oscar - "Sequel is 'Mosquitoes to Mars'!"
Courtney - "But it is in 3D!!!"

Rock N Rolla
Oscar - "How many times do you think they are gonna have to say 'rock and rolla' in this movie?"

Body of Lies
Oscar - "I'd spend $2.50 on it!"

Yes Man
Oscar - "Oh! Liar liar 2!"

Oscar - "Oo ... how many bands are playing at this thing?"

What Just Happened?
Courtney - "No, but really. What did just happen?"

A Thousand Years of Good Prayers
Oscar - "Why are the titles in this movie in all caps? Why are you YELLING at me!!?"

Max Payne
Nathan - "Heck yeah!"

Battle in Seattle
Oscar - "Was all of Outkast there or just Andre?"

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist
Courtney - "I want to watch more 'Arrested Development."

Oscar - "Oh gosh. No wonder ..."
Nathan - "Followed by 'Tribulation Force'!"

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