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Posted on Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008 under Reviews Sketches | No comments

After a crazy time dealing with an odd waitress at Denny’s, Courtney and I enjoyed some yummy movie trailers. Peep the links and comments and have some fun.

Sixty Six
Oscar – “66? How long did they wait to have this bar mitzvah?
Courtney – “They must have changed the rules on this!”

Oscar – “AAAHH! So amazing.”

Flash of Genius
Courtney – “So it is about windshield wipers? A swipe of genius!”

Disaster Movie
Oscar – “Does anyone even watch these anymore?!?”
Courtney – “Why do they keep making them?!?”

Man On Wire
Courtney – “Is it bad that the only reason I would watch this movie would be hoping the guy would fall?”

Oscar - "A made-for-tv movie!"

Courtney - "I don't know what to say ..."

Morning Light
Courtney - "So basically, Roy Disney realized that he was tired of the youth of today and need to find a 'legal' way to send inexperienced sailors to their doom. Problem solved."

Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Oscar - "That looks stupid. Straight up foreign stupid."

In Search of a Midnight Kiss
Oscar - "Um ... that's cool that it is shot all in black and white ... eh? (shrugs shoulders)

Oscar - "Penelope Cruz gets around, huh?"

Mad Detective
Oscar - "Oh, so he is mad because he has to be in this movie! Gotcha."

Rain of Madness
Oscar - "Over and out ... do it, don't say it."

Oscar - "Traitor 2. Now he can't even trust himself!"

Frozen River
Oscar - "So much deception and risk for a trailer?"
Courtney - "But it is a double-wide."

Oscar - "That's not what I remember FCC being like at all!"
Courtney - "Sadly, I do. Times have changed my friend."

Diminished Capacity
Courtney - "Ferris Bueller has gotten old!"

Oscar - "It's like the perfect movie for the emo kid in all of us."

Garden Party
Courtney - "I don't get it. I didn't see any parties or gardens ... and there was definitely no garden party."

Courtney - "Kids. The new creepy."

Encounters At the End of the World
Courtney - "We went to Antarctica for one reason, and one reason only ... to blow the crap out this!"

Savage Grace
Courtney - "Julianne Moore has a creepy laugh."

Up the Yangtze
Oscar - "You know where this movie can go?"
Courtney - "It can go STRAIGHT to DVD!"

The Spirit
Oscar - "Intriguing indeed!"

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