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Make Sunday Special

Posted on Monday, July 21st, 2008 under Sketches | No comments

Hopefully, I will be able to push out the new Southside site updates by tomorrow, but for now, please enjoy this little sketch and the notes from Ron’s sermon this weekend.

bq. Making Sunday Special
1. Renew Our Pattern
Isaiah 58:13-14
Ezekiel 31
- They were called to remember/observe
Exodus 20:8
- God continues to bless and provide success to Chick-fil-a because they honor him.
Isaiah 46:8
Jeremiah 29:13
Changing our perspective.

2. Refashion Our Preparation
- We need to get organized.
- Motivation
- Get rid of Sunday anxieties
- Get our hearts and minds ready.
Psalms 19
- I can be distracted by any small thing, if I have not prepared my heart.

3. Rehearse Our Procession
Ephesians 5:22
- A wedding ring is a reminder that you belong to your spouse.
- Sunday morning is the ring of Sabbath, reminding us that we belong to God.
- Mental fidelity
Matthew 25:1
- Make ready for the Day
- A. W. Tozer - 100 pianos tuned to the same fork are all automatically tuned to each other. It is the same for 100 worshipers tuned to the same God.

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