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Posted on Monday, July 21st, 2008 under Downloads News Writings | No comments

I’ve had the words of a song I heard at Status last week stuck in my head for awhile, and after shaking around in my head a bit, this wallpaper is what they turned into. I hope you enjoy, and for those interested, here are my notes from the speaker that night.

The song is called Hosanna. Here is one of the lines: "break my heart from what breaks yours."

Luke 12
"How ironic is it that the crowds where trampling each other in order to hear Jesus' message of love?"
"Is the inside of you lining up with the outside that people actually see?"

Questions to ask yourself before buying things you probably don't need:
Can I afford this?
Will this make me happy?
Should I buy this?

In the parable of the rich man, Jesus does not condemn the man for being rich ... Jesus calls this man a fool when his attitude becomes focused on self-serving. "Your life is not your own!" Our lives are on loan from Him. We have made money such a private issue ... This rich man wasn't talking to anyone about this ... he hadn't really discussed this plan of laziness he wanted to persue with anyone.

2 Corintihans 8: 13-15 - Rich towards God ... Do I fit the description?
Our possible responses to God about money:
1. Let me do what I want.
2. Legalistic ... 10% ... No more, no less
3. Ask the Holy Spirit ... What can I change?

Invite the Holy Spirit to inventory what you own ... Is my heart attached to this?
Are you greedy in some way that is closing your hand to giving?

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