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IF : Foggy and iPhone

Posted on Saturday, July 12th, 2008 under Sketches | No comments

IF : Foggy (uploaded by DRA Studio)

It is currently 7:00 am the following day, and I am still hyped up on the rush that is iPhone 3G.

My class ran for close to the entire 8 hours, so we (Jodie and I) didn’t get to the Apple Store at Millenia until around 6:30pm. Luckily, Courtney was holding spots for us.

Four or so hours later, we had Chris the Apple Genius help us purchase and set up both of our iPhones. Then it was another 1/2 hour or more just hanging out in the store, drooling about the ease-of-setup that MobileMe made of our contacts, calendars and email.

Leaving the Mall near-midnight (with still about 20-35 people still waiting in line), Courtney and I heading to the LOOP for a midnight showing of “Hellboy II”. I am a big fan of Mignola’s art and writing, so I really enjoyed the show. After a quick ride home, while watching “David Blain spoofs” on YouTube and playing around with Midomi, we all hung out at the house until everyone else feel asleep.

Which brings me to my current state of “ready-to-finally-fall-asleep-ness”. Apple, I had a great day. AT&T, for shame. Del Torro, nice work bringing some much appreciated character detail and creepy crawly organic-ness to the Hellboy movie franchise. Everyone else, enjoy this little sketch for today’s Illustration Friday theme of “foggy”. It came about as I alternated between sitting and standing in the iPhone line … which is why it is on the back of my iPhone 3G flyer. Night!

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