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Open in Textmate

Posted on Thursday, June 12th, 2008 under Code | No comments

Had a really fun lunch meeting with one of the WDD (Web Design & Development and) degree course directors yesterday. It is so enjoyable being able to sit around and talk about web standards, markup and CSS syntax. Yes, Courtney, that is really nerdy … but still, so much fun.

For all of you coding-kids, Chris dropped a little script on me that I am finding really handy. MacroMates, the guys behind Textmate (pretty much the best code editor ever), put out a Finder toolbar script called “Open in Textmate”. It does exactly what you would think … make it easier to open files and folders right into Textmate. Super helpful, since I don’t have TM set as my default editor for HTML and CSS files.

Check out the full post, as well as this other that talks about customizing the icon for the script.

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