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Movie trailers. So hood!

Posted on Saturday, April 26th, 2008 under Reviews | No comments

There were full couches at tonight’s trailer showings … Nathan, Tyler, Courtney, Jimison and yours truly. Enjoy the goodness!

The Wackness
Nathan – “Apparently, a movie about nothing.”
Oscar – “That’s so wack!”

Jimison – “The movie you were not meant to see … but we want you to see it!”

Lakeview Terrance
Jimison – “This movie just tells me not to live next to Samuel L. Jackson.”

The House Bunny
[Let’s just skip this one … ‘kay?]

Henry Poole Is Here
Tyler – “When do the good previews start?”

Four Minutes
Oscar – “Uh … this isn’t those for minutes …”

The Fall
Nathan – “Oscar, watching your cat chase a ball of fuzz was more enjoyable than this trailer.”

Falling For Grace
Oscar – “Huh. She’s like Lucy Lu’s unpopular sister.”

Who's Your Monkey
Nathan - "I don't know if it is because I am hungry or what, but my stomach hurts now." Oscar - "Nope, it's the movie."

Kit Kittredge an American Girl
Oscar - "Dear Dad ... this trailer stinks!"

Then She Found Me
Courtney - "Oh. It is a film by Helen Hunt ... so that is why she is in it."
Oscar - "It is like Juno for old people ... wait! Does Jennifer Garner take this baby too?? Gah!"

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2
[Stopping trailer right after starting it] Oscar - "Gah! I'm sorry ... I can't."

Tropic Thunder
Courtney - "Amazing!"
Oscar - "You can't just use 'Amazing' every time, you know?"

Mamma Mia
Courtney - "Oh, Colin Firth and Pierce Brosnan are in it."
Tyler - "Yeah ... you really aren't making a convincing case."

Smart People
Jimison - "Uh ... we didn't actually have any footage for this movie, so here is just a shot of our daily routine."

Zombie Strippers
Tyler - "No matter how many adjectives you put in front of that movie description ... it won't make it good."

Bangkok Dangerous
Oscar - "Ask for a dancer named Gong ... she has the rest of my hairpiece."

Everyone - "Wait, so this isn't based on the books?"

My Brother Is an Only Child
Courtney - "Eh, I don't want to read another trailer."
Jimison - "My brother is a crappy trailer."

Oscar - "They didn't climb no mountain ... they just took the kids in circles around the bottom!"

Oscar - "Oh, so it is just like Rounders ... with more plastic faces."

Bra Boys
Nathan - "The highest grossing documentary in the history of Australian cinema ... haha."
Oscar - "Prison, huh? I guess they'll need those 'bras' there."

Sex & Death 101
Jimison - "Let's just pretend that never happened."

Jack and Jill vs the World
Jimison - "I hope I never have to hear her talk again."

Step Brothers
Courtney - "So good ... so good."

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