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Hitching up the Movie Trailer again

Posted on Thursday, April 24th, 2008 under Reviews | No comments

We realized tonight that it has been a while since the four of us have gotten a chance to enjoy some yummy movie trailers together, so Jodie, Courtney, Jimison and I got together and worked our way through a few of the over 130 trailers we have missed. Hope you enjoy!

Jodie – “Danny Glover with an eye patch. Nuh’ said.”

War, Inc.
Jimison – “The Cusacks go to war!”

Glass, a Portrait of Philip In 12 Parts
Courtney – “Oh, he said it … I don’t have to listen to this! And I won’t.”

Fugitive Pieces
Jodie – “Wait, he traded in the blonde chick for a Jewish girl? She must be a shicksa.”

Chaos Theory
Jodie – “This is a crappy movie. Crappy crappy crappy.”

Brick Lane
Courtney – “Hello, nose ring!”
Jimison – “That is where I keep my keys, too.”

The Children of Huang Shi
Courtney – “This is definitely worth renting. hehe”
Jodie – [continually shouts out indescript Chinese names]

The Strangers
Jimison – “I’m going to stop the trailer and I want you to run!”

Mister Lonely
Courtney – “IT IS scarier than the last trailer!”

Hellboy II – The Golden Army
Courtney – “I wanna see the first one!”
Oscar – “We own it.”
Courtney – “So let’s watch it.”
Oscar – “Ok.”

Water Lilies
Oscar – “The real tagline … Things aren’t always synchronized.”

Jodie – “Oooo …”

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