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Movie Trailer Mash

Posted on Saturday, December 8th, 2007 under Reviews | No comments

After a fun night out, our movie review gang (Jodie, Courtney, Jimison and I) headed back home and watched a couple of new movie trailers. Enjoy!

Man in the Chair – “Hey, its the Karate Kid for film-makers!” – Jimison

The Perfect Holiday – “I saw Mommie cap’n Santa” … “probably gonna be the funniest line in this movie.” – Courtney

Perepolis – “Apparently they don’t have color in animated Russia.” – Jimison

Rambo – “He’s a legend of war … and he’s 70 years old” – Jodie

Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins – “Huh … I thought black people were funny.” – Oscar

National Treasure: Book of Secrets – “I kept getting distracted by his hairline.” – Courtney

Mad Money – “You know what they should have shredded … this movie!” – Oscar

The Band’s Visit – “Boo.” – Jimision and “That’s a comedy?” – Courtney

Revolver – “I didn’t see one revolver.” – Jodie

Untraceable – “More like ‘Unwatchable’ … since it is rated ‘R’.” – Courtney

Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian – (Insert another high pitch version of) “Aaaaaamazingggg!” – Courtney

Funny Games – “More like ‘Stupid Games’.” – Jimision

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly – “The beginning seemed so much like a 1970’s car commercial …” Jodie

4 Months, 3 Weeks, & 2 Days – “Crap in the time of Russia” – Jodie

Slipstream – “Even Anthony Hopkins was zoning out while that lady was talking.” – Courtney

P2 – “You’ll never want to park again.” – Oscar “She should have just parked in Level 1”. – Courtney

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