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Trailers Gore Galore

Posted on Monday, September 24th, 2007 under Reviews | No comments

So I know that I have been hitting the movie trailers pretty hard this week, but really, what is wrong with that? Here I go again, this time with some trailers that Jodie probably won’t want to watch with me.

Saw IV – Wow. Not really much of a trailer at all … but then again, I haven’t really followed the series, so I don’t have anything invested in another sequel.

Hatchet – Uh … this just looks pretty dumb. Weak story-line and why have we already seen so much of the antagonist? What mystery is left? Which side of the hatchet he uses?? Dumb.

The Nines – Was that references to “The Number 23”, “The Sims” and “Just Like Heaven” that I just saw? Oh this can’t be good.

In the Valley of Elah – I would say that I am bored of this topic and story premise … but does that make me un-patriotic?

Lions for Lambs – Interesting. This is the kind of government / human condition analysis that I would enjoy reading more into … that is, if I was into reading about government and politics. ;)

Alvin & the Chipmunks - Please, oh please. Don't make me watch that ever again. FOX, thanks for ruining yet another one of my fond childhood memories.

Michael Clayton - Intriguing ... kinda looks good in the same way that "Runaway Jury" was.

The Last Legion - I am torn. It looks like it could be a diamon in the rough like "King Arthur", but then again, it looks like it could be almost as crappy as "Merlin". Who knows?

Exiled - Looks pretty good ... I might just need to start up my Netflix subscription again so I can enjoy movies like this.

Rendition - Hmm. This might actually look interesting ... if I could take any of these actors seriously ... but it is so difficult after their roles in things like "Devil wears Prada", "Rocketeer", "Bubble Boy" and "Sweet Home Alabama". Oh well.

Deep Water - No thanks. I will just skip this after-school special.

Hannah Takes the Stairs - Yawn.

Halloween - Wait. The kid's name in this one is "Michael Myers"? And why did they release it two months before Halloween?

Self-Medicated - Man. He is really troubled and angry ... he broke a window AND a mirror. Pttwwwwh. Pass.

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