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Movie Night with Jodie

Posted on Sunday, September 23rd, 2007 under Reviews | No comments

Jodie and I sat down in the studio and watched a couple of upcoming movie trailers … here are our thoughts:

Beowulf – Jodie says that it crosses the line between having to hire actors and computer animation that looks exactly like the actors. I think minus Angelina Jolie it might actually be a good movie. Jodie also think it reminds her of video game cut scenes … which I tend to agree with. Will this movie be just a bunch of video game clips strung together? Oh and the music really doesn’t seem to fit the movie.

Walk Hard – Both of us agree … this just looks like a really long (and really crappy) Mad TV sketch.

Ladron Que Roba a Ladron – (it means, How a Thief robs a Thief) So pretty much just a spanish version of Ocean’s 11. Also, it is difficult to tell who this movie is intended for, since the trailer is all English, but some people are speaking Spanish.

Feast of Love – Jodie thinks it should be called the ‘Buffet of Love’ … with all the schmorgesbord of loves going on. And it is one of those trailers that shows you pretty much everything plot-line of the movie so you don’t even need to bother watching it.

Iron Man – This looks pretty sweet. The Iron Man suit looks great and Jodie says that it is a good use of the “Iron Man” song.

The Dark Knight – First of all, we both hate teasers like this. They could have put this out a couple of MONTHS ago. Second of all, Heath Ledger sounds pretty good, but it is only because he sounds like Jack Nicholson, who was the best Joker to day.

Sydney White - So apparently (Jodie had to tell me this) this is a parody of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" ... didn't really catch that. Plus, why is she the tannest girl in the whole movie? And why does Amanda Bynes always sound like she has syrup in her throat?? Gah! Still ... no matter what, this movie will make money because every girl will go see it because of Amanda and I will probably see it because I love Sleepover (and Sara Paxton) and I miss seeing Samm Levine in "Freaks and Geeks".

Fierce People - Awkward innuendoes + crappy plotline = this movie.

The Kite Runner - Our country is not ready for this movie. We both agree that we both have strong feelings to not see this movie.

Hitman - Interesting ... just maybe not to see in the theater.

Under the Same Moon - Pwwwwwhhttt. Jodie says: "It will tug on your heart strings and make you want to crap your pants". :)

Trade - Eh. So apparently Pan's Labyrinth opened the door to more Spanish-oriented movies ... too bad we can shut that door. Jodie says "Probably more information that we are going to want from this subject." Let's hope that nobody snipes him on his eBay bid. Eh eh?

Great World of Sound - First, crappy-est trailer ever. Second, Jodie says that this movies proves that way too many of the film festival movies are being taken too seriously.

The Brave One - I've seen this trailer and you've seen this trailer ... but none of us want to watch this movie. Jodie says that it is like "Enough", but for a white woman.

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