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Morning's Dawn

Posted on Tuesday, August 14th, 2007 under Life Writings | No comments

I am wounded with much injure,
due in fault to my own perjury.
With this day’s new dawn,
my wound is open, anew … and now, un-gone.

I have dreamed a lover’s dream,
one of hope and peace serene.
It was filled with love and its desires,
a past pushed to forgetful mires.

It hurts and pains to dwell on you;
you, that fleeting doe on morning’s dew.
Dreams have glimpsed to ending solitude,
but in truth, it is false hope imbued.

I though of you and your embrace;
how it cures the pangs of pasts’ misplaced.
Times too long spent and time too much wasted,
on dreams and hopes and thrills long left untasted.

Oh God, cure me of my past,
help me of my own remorse to memories unfast.
Pull me from that steadfast descending mire,
to stand and look beyond love’s impending spire.

Why are dreams so strongly breed,
why so deeply do they lie within longing lovers’ head.
I’d instead to think the night’s length long,
or stay the wake and be absence your siren song.

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